Our Arts

About our arts. The conceptual base of Zujitsu is the under pinnings and key to the blending of martial arts that Professor Ashanti has trained in during his career.  Professor Ashanti continues to be a lifelong student and is always incorporating new knowledge learned back into Full Circle.

Our style encompasses the systems that professor Ashanti has studied:


Zujitsu is a modern, effective blend of fighting styles developed by Grandmaster Chaka Zulu. It is designed for self defense and street combat.

Sanuces-Ryu Jujitsu

Founded by Dr. Moses Powell (1941–2005), Saunces-ryu jujitsu is a style that stresses self defense and street survival.

Sansei Goju-Ryu Karate

Founded by Kaicho Manny Saavedra  in 1979, Sansei Goju is a traditional karate system.

Adigun Sipho Capoeira Angola

Adigun Sipho Capoeira Angola founded by Mestre Terry Baruti, is a style of Capoeira Angola born out of Mestre Baruti’s work with youth in urban San Francisco, CA.  Capoeira Angola is an African martial art developed by slaves in Brazil.

Urban Street

Urban Street Survival is Sigung Terry Baruti’s self defense style derived from a blend of Kung Fu and Capoeira Angola.  

Serrada Eskrima

Eskrima, also known as “arnis” or “kali,” is the traditional bladed (and stick) fighting art of the Philippines.  Full Circle utilizes the systems of Serrada Eskrima and other influences.

Knowledge of the individual styles that Full Circle incorporates is not necessary. Within Full Circle you will not find complete separate systems taught; rather Full Circle seamlessly integrates techniques and concepts into its core art form. Opportunity to learn the individual systems that Professor Ashanti is qualified to teach will be available to students once they reach black belt level. 

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