Full Circle Jujitsu

Full Circle Jujitsu

Full Circle Jujitsu offers martial art classes in Phoenix, Arizona. We are the premier destination for self defense based instruction. We teach martial arts for all ages — kids, teens, and adults!

Training in Full Circle Jujitsu

We are dedicated to the growth of our students! Training in Full Circle Jujitsu will help you or your child with.

  • Self Defense
  • Fitness
  • Focus
  • Attention
  • Bullying
  • Relaxation
  • Goal Setting
  • Teamwork & More


Founded in 2003, Full Circle Jujitsu is led by Professor Alessandro Ashanti, 8th degree Jujitsu black belt and Advanced Instructor in the Filipino Martial Arts.

Martial Arts

Full Circle Jujitsu is taught as a self defense based martial art drawing upon Professor Alessandro Ashanti’s over 40 years of practice. We also teach the Filipino Martial Art of Eskrima Serrada.

Learning Full Circle Jujitsu

Full Circle Jujitsu is always evolving, and so are its students. Based in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area,  we offer classes at several times. We teach both 

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New Student Special Offer!

We are a school for those who want to learn the power of martial arts done correctly.

To schedule a free intro class please or to go directly to our schedule page

Joseph A.

Before joining this school I considered myself to be a decent fighter based on striking

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Adrienne Z.

Awesome instructors!!! My twins just started here and absolutely love it.

Joy H.

My grandkids love this place. Sensei is patient and makes the lessons fun for the kids. They separate out the kids by age so the little ones are not scared. The staff is very clear on acceptable behavior on the mat.  They also taught a anti bullying class for the kids, taught them how to defend themselves. It was great. I am very happy with the process they use.

Fergus F.
4th Degree Black Belt

“As a black belt in another system, I see what most average people can’t see.

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Celeste Tuon

Great place to receive training. Professor Ashanti applies practical techniques for real life situations and breaks them down for everyone to understand not just physically, but mentally as well. Respect is taught alongside discipline, and best of all, it’s a very friendly atmosphere.

Chris F.
4th Degree Black Belt

“I’ve known Professor Alessandro Ashanti Bovoso nearly 30 years, as when 

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Full Circle Jujitsu is a self defense based student centric school. Our instructors have a way of teaching you specific moves that advance your progress while simultaneously teaching you concepts that you don’t realize you’re learning until you reach a more advanced level.

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Full Circle Jujitsu (jiujitsu) has been taught in the New York City, San Francisco city , Los Angeles city , The Virgin Islands, South Africa, and in the  Phoenix and Arizona.

Our school is a progressive program that keeps traditional martial arts values and respect. More than just a “gym”, Full Circle Jujitsu offers a place for  all to learn and

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