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Phoenix, AZ
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This is an open meet up for anyone wishing to participate in self defense. I’m starting this group to meet and help new people who have a need and/or desire for personal prote…

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The AFA Presents: Eskrima Stick to Empty Hand

Sunday, April 30 1-3PM
1524 E Pierson St, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Translating Filipino Martial Arts stick drills into empty hand applications.

This seminar will focus on the basic stick drills of Eskrima Serrada alongside empty hand variations. This is a great opportunity to delve into the wealth of Filipino Martial Arts empty hands. Applications will include: blocks, vital strikes, counters, joint locking and throws. Please bring sticks, knives, and optionally sword trainers. Sword will be discussed but not exclusively taught.

The seminar will be taught by Professor Alessandro Ashanti (Guro in Eskrima Serrada) and his students. Professor Ashanti is a 37-year veteran of the martial arts and the founder of Full Circle Warrior Arts and Full Circle Jujitsu.

Cost: $35 (preregister by April 23)/$40 at the door
Register here: