Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Full Circle Jujitsu Students FAQ

What is Full Circle?
Full Circle is a martial art devoted to self defense and self improvement.  It is unique modern blend of several martial arts and healing methods.

How long will it take for me to earn a black belt?
This is definitely one of the most asked questions a martial arts instructor will receive.  Earning a black belt is a high achievement the first step to wisdom in  any martial art.  The serious student can expect to earn a black belt anywhere from 3-5 years.  The exceptional student can do it in less time rarely.

Will I learn self-defense?
Yes, Full Circle’s aim is to teach everyone to defend themselves in modern life.

What should I bring to class?
To begin just bring yourself, some water or a sports drink, and clothes that are easy to move in. Uniforms are always available for purchase.

When are classes?
You can view the Full Circle training schedule here.

Can I schedule a private lesson?
Yes, private lessons are available from Professor Ashanti and select students.

How often should I train?
It is recommended that each student start off with two days a week.  When comfortable and with permission, more days can be added.

Are drop-ins allowed? If yes, is there a drop-in fee?
Yes, anyone regardless of experience or style is welcome to train with us. We only ask that you observe the same rules our students would.  The drop-in fee is $25.

Do you teach seminars or special events?
Professor Ashanti teaches and hosts seminars and events several times a year.

I have a security agency. Will you teach my officers?
Yes, Full Circle is an excellent art for security work.  Professor Ashanti was a security professional and understands the needs of the profession.  He has taught security groups in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

I’m a police or corrections officer. Will Full Circle work for me?
Yes, just Full Circle is the perfect compliment to police officer empty hand and weapons tactics.  Professor Ashanti’s specialties are joint locking, holds, and weapons.