Full Circle Warrior Arts offers martial art classes in Phoenix, Arizona. We teach martial arts for all ages — kids, teens, and adults!

Full Circle, which includes Full Circle Jujutsu (jiujitsu), is a blended system of martial arts that contains multiple sub-systems and areas of study based in Phoenix, Arizona. Within Full Circle you will find elements of Sanuces-Ryu Jiujitsu, Zujitsu-Ryu, Sansei Goju-Ryu Karate, Capoeira Angola, and Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima Serrada, Arnis, Kali). With a strong focus on self defense and real world application, Full Circle offers its students rapid development of functional skill. From the time the system was founded by Professor Alessandro Ashanti, 8th degree black belt, there has been an emphasis on continuing to learn, grow, and bring new martial knowledge back into Full Circle.

Our school is a progressive program that keeps traditional martial arts values and respect. More than just a “gym”, Full Circle Warrior Arts offer a place for all to learn and have a well earned break from their outside lives.  With membership to our school you have access to a wide array of classes and programs in addition to our martial arts classes.  A few of our offerings are meditation classes, stretching and strengthening classes, and misogi breathing practice.

For those who are just interested in learning techniques to better defend themselves, Full Circle offers a free monthly self defense seminar in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our newest class focuses exclusively on kids and teens.  It meets at the newly opened Matrix Athletic Center in Phoenix, Arizona.  Students there learn both Full Circle Jujitsu and the Filipino Martial Art of Eskrima.

Finally we also offer the healing practice of Reiki.  Reiki is a natural, noninvasive, hands-on healing technique that has been used for thousands of years to treat specific injuries and ailments, as well as to promote general health and well-being, and to increase the quality of life.

Reiki is made up of two Japanese words: REI (ray) and KI (key). REI symbolizes divine wisdom — a natural understanding of the root of all imbalances and what is needed to correct them. KI is the life force energy that exists throughout the universe in all living things. It gives us our physical and spiritual life (our emotions and thoughts). Reiki combines the forces of REI and KI into a powerful and tangible tool for healing that can be defined as Naturally Guide Life Force Energy or Universal Life Force Energy. A Reiki practitioner can channel this “guided life force energy” through a gentle, hands-on technique.

Those who experience Reiki find their physical and spiritual healing accelerated.  Professor Ashanti practices and teaches Reiki.  All of our black belts are at minimum a level 1 Reiki practitioner.

Full Circle and Full Circle Jujitsu (jiujitsu) have been taught in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, The Virgin Islands, South Africa, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Full Circle is always evolving, and so are its students. Based in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area,  we offer classes several times a week in two locations. We teach both Full Circle and the Filipino Martial Art of Eskrima. Full Circle classes are upbeat, energetic, relaxed, yet focused on producing results and growth. We believe that if students are not having fun then they aren’t learning.  Click around to learn more about Full Circle, and then contact us to come check out a free class!


“I’ve known Professor Alessandro Ashanti Bovoso nearly 30 years, as when we met I was a beginner in Martial Arts training and he was a talented student under Master Chaka Zulu. In the decades since I’ve witnessed his exponential success in training, teachings, promotion and other contributions to the Martial Arts world as a whole. His dedication, innovations and contagious motivation as a Martial Arts practitioner has been inspirational to those who have been privileged to train with him, being both empowered and enlightened by his unique teaching methodology and genuine desire for his students well being. Any individual, be they a novice white belt, seasoned veteran instructor or somewhere in between owes it to themselves to partake in the combative genius and life preservation skills that he possesses and generously shares thru Full Circle Warrior Arts.”
-Chris F., 4th Degree Black Belt